How to Go on A Date with Your Life

How to go on a date with your life
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This post is in continuation of the previous two posts “Go on a date with your life” and “Getting ready to go on a date with your life”. Though you may go ahead with this post now itself, I would recommend reading the previous two posts before reading this one to make it more effective.

But you may continue if you don’t want to go for previous ones.

So, you are ready to take your life on a date which I think each and every human should must consider at least once in a lifetime. Otherwise, you will keep complaining about your life and will never be as much happy as you desire or deserve to be.

You should be at the peak of your excitement because it’s a date which is a more special and life-changing one and you will be grateful to yourself that you took this decision.

I really thanked myself when I did the same. And since then my perspective towards life totally changed. Though there were times when I felt losing the perspective. But having a glimpse of that very date saved me from getting lost in the illusion again.

And this would hold true only if you really understand the importance of your life which is very precious.

Reality vs Hype  

Is it true that there are people who have changed their lives the way they wanted and are living an extraordinary life?


We believe it or not. But there are such people who made a big difference in their lives. And this big difference is not about making a record or breaking someone’s record to get listed in record books. This is not about any materialistic achievement. It’s about realizing the infinite potential of rationale and logic of the human mind and using it to make life worth living not just trudging.

Some people believe that these persons are born to be extraordinary and their specific circumstances make them what they become.

It’s true that most of these persons go through life-changing experiences which make them rethink their existence and their lives. It’s not that others don’t go through similar circumstances but the thing is how they perceive it and how their mind interprets it.

But a human mind is not a mirror that reflects the same image for the same object. The perception differs from person to person. And this perception is the game-changing tool in the hands of humans. The fact is – how it is used?

So, first you have to acknowledge and accept the existence of this reality.

And the reality is: –

For a given stimulus, the response is not the same for every human being when talking about the art of living, not the science called biology.

It’s not that your life will also change the same way (or in the same magnitude) if you go through the same circumstances that a person went through.

And suppose if anyhow it would have been true, whether you would like to go through the unbearable pain and the loss which that person has suffered before getting his/her perspective changed.

I don’t think there is a need for that and particularly if you have the option to forgo that route and just accept the truth that you can always change your life in your unique way without being a human of circumstances.

Are you ready for that option?

What is it!

It’s “Going on a date with your life”  

It may prove a life-changing date and not just the date for impressing the guy or the girl.

So, now we will start the action part

Choose your favorite time slot

Which particular time slot of the day you find yourself more creative and productive? Figure out and book it for your extraordinary date without any further delay.

And, please don’t go searching for the best time for the day – is it morning or evening? Stop going through the rule again. Create your own customization. This is the problem with the people looking for ready-made solutions.

You better know what suits you.

Again, no rule for the duration of time – how many minutes or hours?

Take as much as you like. But it should not be too short of a span of time.

Keep in mind that this can prove a life-changing moment for you (only if you mean it to be one). So set sufficient time for it.

Gift for your date

Who is your date here? Of course, it is your life.

So, have you ever imagined what will be the best gift you can give your life?

Like any relationship, this relation between you and your life is very much crucial. The most valuable gift is the “time” which your life seems to cry for which you fail to notice. And this too will benefit you only. You may think that you spend so much time on your life and yourself only, like watching loads of videos, playing games, or so-called socializing on social media.

But what benefit do you get from doing these acts of escapism far from the reality of life? This way you only satisfy your senses with a temporary rush of chemicals in your brain which in turn keeps you away from boredom.

Life does not need any gift from cinderella

It always makes precious gifts rain

But we always open an umbrella

In fear of discomfort and pain

Better you come out of this not-so-comfort zone

And dance in this rain for embracing each and every grain

Forget about catching fever or cold

Coz you will become real and bold

Just take a notebook and a pen. To collect the droplets of insightful raining which you will experience once you will start the date.

Choose the right location

Yes, like a romantic date, the location is very important. Because the location you choose sets the mood.

No, you don’t need to go to a restaurant, a bar or a coffee shop. You are not going to impress your girl or the guy and you don’t even need to spend a single buck. Because you don’t need the bustle of people around you.

Rather it requires a calm and peaceful setting because you have to avoid any disturbance. Actually, you have to play the role of an introvert who prefers more intimate surroundings.

You can choose any location which suits you. It may be your study room or bedroom. You can prefer a nearby park when there is less likelihood of any crowd. It can be a lawn or terrace of your house. Even a balcony can serve the purpose. The peaceful street in front of your house early in the morning or after dinner at night is also not a bad choice. And weird but not less effective is the bathroom while taking a shower.

These are just examples but you can choose whatever location you prefer. Keep in mind that it should be free from disturbances and should help you trigger your imagination and self-interrogation. It should not interfere with your intimacy of thought ride.

And while you go for the thought ride you may prefer sitting on a chair, strolling in the chosen location, or the specific standing position under the shower.

A particular style can never suit everyone so you have to decide yours or you can devise your own (a unique one).

Soothing background music at low volume can also be used wherever it’s possible. While in case of bathroom setting the drizzling water itself can serve the purpose of inducing deep thoughts.

The conversation

Whatever preparations you get yourself ready with, do remember that the actual purpose of this date is involving yourself in meaningful conversation with your ultimate date here, which is your life. There is no one to impress with your how-to skills which you might have learned somewhere or devised yourself.

Instead you have to talk straightforwardly to yourself and at the same time you have to set your inner self free from the shackles of the known which you have been feeding on since your childhood.

Try to detach your mind free from the tentacles of distraction and make it as calm as you can without putting any hard effort. Just relax and feel that you are ready for an adventure.

So! Are you ready?

Let’s start.

Thought ride through time travel

You have to let your thought and imagination ride. And for this, you have two lanes to travel in. Memory lane and Imaginary lane. In both these lanes you have to travel through time.

Memory lane

Let’s start with memory lane first

You detach yourself from your present self and visualize yourself as a character (which is the protagonist) of a story, the video of which will be played in your visual perception.

Now start traveling from the very present moment (which is now) and visualize in reverse order. It means you have to move from present to past. Do remember to first locate yourself in each and every scene of your time travel visual created in your mind. Other characters will effortlessly appear. Though it’s not necessary to focus on dialogues, if it comes, do notice the peculiar ones.

And follow the sequence of the time intervals as follows and feel free to customize as per your ease: –

  • The now
  • An hour before
  • Hours before
  • A day before
  • Days before
  • A week before
  • Weeks before
  • A month before
  • Months before
  • Half-year before
  • A year before
  • Each year before
  • The childhood with fresh memories
  • The childhood with fading memories (The first scene you remember about you)
  • What family members and relatives use to say about you when you were a toddler without clear memory

Just do it as a fun game without any stress. Let the memory flash out naturally.

And once you reach the earliest memory you can recollect, just stop there. Now try to note some points as below: –

  1. Most painful moment of your life.
  2. The happiest moment of your life.
  3. Few moments which you would like to relive now.
  4. Few actions you could have taken to make your life better than what it is now and which you believe that those were practically feasible.

Now we will move to the next part of the fun.

Imaginary lane

Here you don’t have to recollect anything. Instead you have to imagine according to your free will but with the practical feasibility of your imagination.

Start from the point where you are and what you are as of now.

Whether you are satisfied and happy with your life or not. You don’t have to consider this aspect.

Just start imagining about your life as you move forward in the future in the following sequence of time intervals which is again customizable at your will.

  • The now
  • A day after
  • A week after
  • A month after
  • Six months after
  • A year after
  • Two years after
  • Five years after
  • Ten years after
  • Late adulthood
  • In your fifties
  • Retirement age

Here, the retirement age does not necessarily mean the age of sixty or sixty-five or whatever is the standard set by society. It should be the age when a human is not left with mental as well as physical stamina and when the very famous quote “It is never too late” doesn’t hold its true sense.

Try to have a clear picturization of yourself and your surrounding world at each and every phase of your life.

By doing so you will let yourself know in advance that where you will be and what you will be at the point of time when you will be left with a little of your physical and mental stamina.

Again, try to note down some points as below: –

  1. Will you be really happy at that time when it will actualize into reality?
  2. Is it worth living the way you are living?
  3. Just imagine the number of people who have already accomplished what you are trying to achieve. Can you say confidently that they are really happy after all those accomplishments?
  4. It’s also not that much hard to find such people who tend to be happy because their happiness has been defined by society and they never bother to think beyond that defined boundary.
  5. It’s easy to find those people who are restless in the grief of unrecognized and unknown dissatisfaction which they face even after living their lives at their terms and with a sense of pride.
  6. Again, there are people whose way of living we really admire and are really satisfied with their lives. They really set an example to be envied by many and act as an inspiration or role model by giving a new look to life.

And though there may not be any harm to follow the path they brighten and it may be more fulfilling than the other ways.

But isn’t it worth considering to define our own unique way of living by learning from the existing vast treasure of knowledge and experiences of role models of our society?

Now we will move towards a lyrical conclusion.

But before that, I would like to clarify that I didn’t intend to make this post like any other HOW-TO articles crawling on the web which may feel very tempting and capable of giving you a dose of adrenaline and gets added in the long list of inspirational posts which hold a little importance in your life once you close the window of that page.

Rather I tried to give it a customizable pose

Unlike a ready-made adrenaline dose

It can act as an open window

To let the insight come in

And touch your troubled nerve

But it’s only you who can open

The door to let its purpose serve

 The conclusion

Take lessons from the memory lane

Sprinkle salt on your past pain

Rekindle that childhood desire

Convert that little spark into a fire

Awaken your inner dormant core

Search the happiness like never before

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  1. Hi DK,
    Once again an honest and mind hitting write-up. It seems we are connected somehow as being myself a patient of chronic hepatitis B for the past 20 years, I easily relate my life to your inspiring posts.
    Although I have found my address of life in 2018, I think thousands will get their address of life through your blog posts.
    Keep it up…

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