Go on a Date with Your Life to Know Your Hidden Potential

go on a date with your life
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The term dating has become a buzzword around the world. The world is full of “How-To” suggestions about going on a date and probably most people have experienced it in one or the other way or at least have heard about it. Thought of a date fills you with the idea of splendid set up with dinner and flowers and that special person with whom you want to go on a date to assess each other’s suitability as a prospective partner for life.

Given a thought, it can be considered that the secret of dating is the fact that there is no secret at all. It is just a way of a social experiment in search of compatibility. You can’t get the perfect formula but there can be some basic guidelines.

You will be surprised to know that there are hundreds of businesses in the world that offer dating services. The frequency of dating ranges from a few dates to many dates which varies according to person and circumstances. No doubt, dating has found its own importance in the lives of people. Anyhow the actual purpose of going on a date with someone is to find out the suitability of that person as a life partner.

The word “dating” brings excitement with that gentle and curious smile on the faces of the dating partners.

Doesn’t it make sense to find our suitability in our own lives with the same curious smile and make our lives to wear it too?

Doesn’t it make sense to analyze ourselves before analyzing others for the sake of the fact that assessing one’s own self is way easier than to assess others?

So, I want to ask you a simple but most important question of your life.

Have you ever gone on a date with your life?

Yes! I literally mean it. I repeat it again.

Have you ever gone on a date with your life?

Now you may be thinking what does this question mean at all.

Our life runs on such a fast-paced machine that we never tend to ask such type of simple but the most meaningful question of human life.

Do you know what is the biggest gift we have got in this world? Started figuring out? Think about it.

That most valuable gift is human life. And what most of the human population is doing with this gift? The fact is only a few persons are really living their life to the fullest. The rest of the human race is just trudging through life. They are just running and running directionless. Actually, they are so much busy and absorbed in the non-meaningful aspects of life that they never give a thought to their most precious gift called LIFE. 

What does “a date with your life” mean?

Before going ahead, we should understand what do I mean by “going on a date with your life”

It means taking out some time from your busy life and give it to your life. What an irony it is. That we have become habituated to waste a lot of time in unimportant things. But we forget to give some quality time to our life that deserves the most. It’s not like that people don’t find time from their busy schedule.

They do. But they use it for pleasing their senses with loads of entertainment so that they can keep on escaping from the reality of life. No doubt, the dose of entertainment is necessary but we should also have some doses of rational thought processing. And to know the power of this thought processing which we humans own, we should also take out some quality time with quality mood to delve into the limitless possibilities that our brain can uncover for our own lives and for the whole human race as well.

And what is the harm in doing so?

This way you can visit the unexplored potential of your rational and logical thinking which you keep overlooking. It will throw numerous opportunities in front of you to make your life meaningful and colorful. And this can happen only when you will make your mind to remove the age-old rust from the way of living (which you have been taught by this conventional world) and start painting it with your own happy colors.

Why should you consider such a date?

Before going on such a special date, we should also know the reason behind this. Once you will come to know the reason you can’t stop yourself from taking your life on a date.

But first, we will go through some questions.

Can you have an idea about the population of the humans who live their life happily?

How many days does it take to discover your passion?

Can there be a readymade method to find your passion which will change your life?

What does it take to find the meaning in your life?

Have you ever shouted “Good Morning Life!” with enthusiasm?

Have you ever felt like saying “Thank You Life!”

Have you tried to define life in your own way?

Have you ever tried to become the best version of yourself?

Have you ever tried to start building a new mindset toward life?

Have you ever tried to wake your inside up?

Are you proud of the person you are and do you have a sense of fulfillment?

Have you ever thought that your experience of this one precious life matters?

Do you do the things that are in alignment with your defined purpose in life?

Have you found your life purpose in the first place itself?

If you have already asked these questions, I hope you are living a meaningful life.

What! Haven’t asked yet?

Just ask yourself the answers to the above questions now itself.

Please stop here. I really want you to ask the answers. Don’t move ahead without asking. There is no use of go on reading this post till the end. Otherwise, you will end up with a dose of infotainment and entertainment only.

Don’t worry, I am not telling you to subscribe to this blog in the middle of this post. I just want you to subscribe to your thought processing by doing so.

Now let’s move ahead.

Stop over dependance on external sources of motivation

We can classify humans into five categories based upon their orientation towards life: –

  1. Those who are fully happy with their lives and living a purposeful and meaningful life
  2. Those who think that they are happy with their lives but are in illusion. Whether the way they live their life is the best.
  3. Those who know that some emptiness is there in their lives and they also try to live the way they want but get defeated by the circumstances.
  4. Those who know that they are not happy with their lives but also, they never try to come out of the comfortable zone.
  5. Those who have no idea about the meaningfulness and purposefulness of life and they never realize it at all.

And the fact that you are reading this post, most probably you may resonate with the third category. As human beings, we all should have craving for getting enlisted in the very first category and it’s a reality that in this age a lot of persons are trying for the same. And we can’t deny the fact that there is no dearth of resources of motivations which can be used to move in that direction.

The problem starts when people become totally dependent on external sources for motivation and inspiration. The world is full of these resources in the form of great books, articles, videos, podcasts, seminars, etc. and its also true that these resources are being used by not hundreds or thousands of people but millions of people. Sometimes we come across the claims that these resources have changed the lives of millions of people.

But the irony is – where is that change?

How many persons you know whose lives got changed and they are living their purposeful lives after getting motivated by such external sources.

It doesn’t mean that the problem is with the sources of motivation but the fact that we become totally dependent on them. Unless we work on ourselves the change is not that much easy.

Bring the change before it is too late

We, humans, are the biggest enemy of ours. We have forgotten that we have a unique power of reasoning with the help of which we can figure out what is the best way of living we desire. Human civilization as well as we ourselves started to treat ourselves as a mere commodity and our so-called educational system leaves no stone unturned to commoditize people. We are caught in the “shadow someone trap” due to which our idea about a particular career is totally different from what it’s really like to work in that space. We have to break out this comparison syndrome.

During childhood, humans have the originality of their thought introspective and scientific approach to the surroundings but as they grow up, our society sprays Carbon dioxide of age-old standards (when they reach the ignition point of inner discovery) and extinguishes the spark well before it gets converted into the true fire of change. We are never asked to think about who we are, what we think, or what we want to be.

We have become the corporate slaves and the prisoners of the success barometer of society. We are left with the broken wings of desire. This way we can never fly no matter how much we try.

So, bringing the change which you want in your life and what actually matters to you and living it out is the key to your freedom from an unsatisfied and unfulfilled life. So get ready for the special date.

And the best way is to go on a date with your life and find your purpose in life before it gets too late.


Take your life on a date

Before it is too late

Don’t go with the world

Who says it’s never too late 

Thank you for the spark within you which led you to read this type of blog which shows that in this world where the superpower human race is fully busy(lost) in the rat race but you have a good grace.

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