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Getting Ready
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The biggest problem of life

We all have problems in our life. And there is no denying of the fact that once a problem is solved other pops in. Some of the problems are objective while others are subjective in nature.

The problems which arise based on the facts can be considered as objective ones and are caused by real reasons while those that arise based on the opinions can be treated as subjective ones and are caused by our perspective.

Can you think of the biggest problem our human race goes through?

Trying to figure it out!

The percentage of people facing this problem in their lives is very high.

The problem of not living the life one should live or desire to live. 

Yes. Now, you can guess what may be the approx percentage.

You see around you. In your family, relatives, friends, acquaintances, or people at your workplace. Even you can recall the helpless faces of the commuters in buses or metros and their grudging about their work life and their bosses.

People are fed up with their work profiles and job culture. Repeatedly doing the same monotonous work day after day and waiting very badly for the weekend. So that they can get involved in their personal lives.

You could have heard people complaining about the imbalance between their personal and work life. It’s not just a complaint but reality only.

Who is to blame for it?

In this age of competition, the work pressure is getting increased without any full stop. In the race of commercialization, people are also ready to go to any extent to get their salary hike and quick promotions. In this battle, they compromise their health in want of wealth only to link it with the parameter of success.

Since childhood, we are taught the famous proverb” Health is wealth” but who cares.

The world is full of persons who spent their maximum time of the day doing the work they don’t like and they can never like in their lifetime. And despite tons of reasons for this dislike they end up doing the same work.

They keep on blaming their luck, fate and whatever for their helplessness.

We are so busy earning money and creating a pile of wealth that we forget the underneath pain which we go through in the endeavor of making our lives more prosperous and happy. We don’t even realize that it gets crappy.

In this battleground which this life has become, we keep ourselves busy fighting and competing endlessly only to find at the end that there is no solid ground for which this battle of life goes on. It’s an illusion of life.

Just think of this world and the super inhabitants (humans) residing in this world. What it looks like and how artificially we are playing our roles here. People are busy in befooling one another for the sake of selfishness. Companies are selling anything to anyone by targeting human psychology. 

Often people hate advertisements and make fun of the logic behind them but get befooled at the same time for buying the same advertised products. 

Employees are not happy with work profiles and they don’t see any scope for their personal growth. Being the vehicle of sales marketing, they too get caught in this psychological trap.

The question is. Whom can we blame?

No blame game. Now there is no need for proving the fact that we can’t get any solution by playing blame games.

There is no denying the fact that bringing change in ourselves is much easier than changing the systems. You can try changing the systems throughout your life with no result. But you can always change yourself and your perspective towards life and chances are very high for the result in your favor.

You can start it anytime. Yes, You can do so now itself.

It is very well said that,

Change Your mindset and everything else will fall into place.

The art of self reflection

Why is everyone abusing the system of human society and civilization itself?

Why do we feel helpless at our pathetic condition?

Why do we always blame others for our agonies and sufferings?

Why don’t we make use of this suffering for paving the way to find our purpose in life?

Why don’t we stop judging others and start judging ourselves if we have the guts to think that we are master at it?

Why don’t we come out of the illusion this selfish world has created around every aspect of our life?

Why do we find a reason now and then to celebrate an event but never give a thought for celebrating our own life?

Why don’t we invest in the time to make our living a timeless legend?

Why don’t we try to know ourselves but keep up peeping in the lives of celebrities?

Why don’t we love ourselves?

Why do we just pretend to enjoy life but the fact is, we are far from the real feel of it?

Why do we keep messing around our lives getting hooked to and try to keep over entertaining ourselves in the virtual world of social media and imaginary games? 

Why don’t we take a break from our sucking life to break up with our unsatisfied way of living?

What are you waiting for?

It’s not like that we are not aware of the mental chaos and turmoil which we go through. But it’s the height of foolishness that we keep on procrastinating our bold and courageous action. Lastly, we become so desperate and listless that we give up the thoughtfulness itself. 

The irony is that whenever we complain about our dislike of our work, our parents and relatives repeat the same age-old statement that which work area does not have the problem. We also accept as it is said without approaching our rationale for the authenticity of such assumptions which over time get piled up and create a wall of a blindfold. And this imaginary wall befools us. In this way, we together with this world teach and train ourselves to live with the problems.

And this is how the theory of “no choice” gets encapsulated deep inside our operating system and it never gets updated or reinstalled. 

And also there are countless so-called experts who have their own versions of weapons to fight with any problem of life and they will grantee for it. 

People and businesses are making big claims to fix any problem of your life for making their business grow and quenching their thirst for selfishness.

And what about your life? 

Who cares what pain you are bearing and how you are killing your dreams.

Then what are you waiting for? And who are you waiting for in this greedy world?

Enough is enough – Now no more procrastination

So when it will be enough bearing for you. Don’t you want to get rid of this painful ordeal of life and live your life on your own terms?

It’s true that you have the quest to live a meaningful life and feel the urge to kick off your sucking daily routine. You do want to discover yourself and the real feel of joy that you can feel after attaining the absolute freedom of choice. And this is the choice to live on your own terms. 

Then what is the problem? What is stopping you?

Again the problem is the bug lying in your rational and emotional software.

So, what is the solution?

The conclusion

Go fix the bugs of your rational software

As there is no one to take care

Forget the so-called destiny and fate 

Rather open your windows and gate

And before it will get too late

Take your life on a wonderful date

Thank you for the spark within you which led you to read this type of blog which shows that in this world where the superpower human race is fully busy(lost) in the rat race but you have a good grace

2 thoughts on “Getting Ready To Take Your Life On A Date”

  1. Hi DK,
    I must confess you have rightly undressed the fake life most of us are living nowadays.
    We have turned slaves of our fate while forgetting that every life is created with its own divine destiny. But, we often choose fate over our destiny as the former is more convenient and cozy unlike the later which requires us to discover our true selves.

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