Changing the Way You Look at Your Life Will Change Your Life

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Before getting started we will do some self-questioning

Are you happy with your life?

Yes? Think again.

Are you really happy from inside or just laughing at comedy videos means happiness for you?

Reflect back and recollect the last time you were genuinely excited. Does this excitement come regularly or do you just crave it?

Do you get lost in your work and have the fun of it as time flies by?

Do you wake up before your alarm rings as you can’t stop yourself working on your project?

Do you spend enough time with your loved ones?

In your old age, would you feel proud of the life you’re living now?

If the answer to all the above questions is “Yes”. It means you are really living your life.

If the answer is “No”. Then there are chances that you may find this blog post very helpful in turning this “No” into a big “Yes”. I can’t say that you are in the right place. I am no one to claim this. I believe this decision is up to you and you can only decide through your logic and perspective.

Now, we will go through a short story that will help you to relate in your own way.

Here is the story…

This is a tale of a boy from an underprivileged family and not-so-well economic background. In one month’s time, he was to appear for his 10th-grade examination. It was a special day in his school because the students were to attend career counseling by an expert in the field. Though he had already weaved the dream of his life of becoming an engineer. But that counseling day he got more charged up and more confident that his decision was right as he listened to the lectures and preaching of the counseling expert who was a coveted motivational speaker. The speaker shouted out all the things about how to know the purpose of life and find a dream career. He went one step further to quote some famous personalities quotes and how they aligned their work with the life they wanted to live. 

At dinner that night the boy discussed the matter with his parents. Though he was aware of the fact that his father wanted him to opt for a lucrative career of some top-notch government administration post for the fact that it would bring immense power and respect in society. So an argument broke out at the dinner table. The boy took references of the motivational speaker and what most of his friends were going to opt for.

After a lot of discussions and the involvement of his mother, the boy got success in convincing his father for his engineering dream.

Though he was not the topper most student, but yes, he was a very laborious and above-average student and used to be among the top five. With the passage of time, he joined one of the prestigious engineering colleges and got placement in a very reputed company with a handsome package. The day he got the placement, he was at the top level of his happiness and realized that anyhow he was successful in his purpose in spite of all the ups and downs in his life which everyone has his/her own share of troubles.

During his journey of professional career, he kept switching his company according to his likeness and requirement and continued moving upward the worldly achievements of success.

Fast Forward

The boy now in his sixties was sitting with some of his retiree friends in a jogger’s park surrounded by the lush greenery and full of the members of his species at different stages of the journey of the only one and most unique life. He, together with his group, had just finished jogging and all set of exercises one supposed to do after retirement. One of the exercises they just finished was laughter therapy which was still going on in some corner of the park by some other retiree groups.

The hot topic of the discussion was the fact that why they had to resort to such short doses of laughter therapy. Was it not enough to have a box full of medicines and geometrically designed colorful pills? The designs reminded them of mathematics classes. Some cylindrical, some oval, etc. Why had the real joy of happiness had vanished away from their lives? And why did the laughter not come naturally? Why this therapy thing at all?

His retiree group included the persons of different professional excellence. Sometimes he used to ask the fulfillment of his friends who worked at different government posts for he thought whether he made wrong choices not opting for the career which his father had suggested. He felt satisfied that they were also unsatisfied.

They discussed all sorts of questions that life threw at them at this stage of life when they are standing on the verge of self interrogative fight.

Why after all accomplishments they feel unsatisfied?

Why do they feel like they didn’t do what they supposed to do as being a super species of this powerful planet?

Why do they feel like losers even though their study room is full of trophies and medals of winners?

Why do they feel that something they lost even after paying the cost?

Why do they feel an emptiness in their lives?

When they looked at the passers-by children and youngsters in that very park they were reminded of their own children who would also end up living the same meaningless life which lastly they would regret about. At the thought of all these things they all once again reflected back at their lives from the point, they were able to recollect it as far as their fading memories permitted them. And slowly the proud linings of their faces gave way to the defeated versions of themselves.

“Ok let’s depart now. It’s too late and the sun is also getting high.” came the quick and lazy response from one of the old men. He realized that there is no sense of all those feelings then.

“Ya, Let’s go. This almighty sun is the same. When we were fascinated with the muses of life back then, and now, even after playing countless rat race games throughout our life, left with none to name.” added by the protagonist of this story in a slow and repentant tone. He took his glance away from the sun.

“As we look back at our lives. We can’t…” he wanted to add some more lines but it seemed like his throat got choked. It was his grief and helplessness at the loss of the kingdom of his life. His eyes filled with emptiness though his mind was filled with thoughtfulness which was of no use for him.

Lastly, he gathered the strength and continued

“…We can’t help but  just sit in dismay

Full of darkness and no ray

Which can lead to any hope

For we gave life hardly a glance

Left with only ability to cope

With the teary repentance”

Here, the story ends…

Now, what is the concept of the story?

We can’t deny the fact that the vast majority of the human race runs a lifetime race to get the one tag fixed to our forehead. And that very tag is “SUCCESS”. We want to prove the world and shout it out loud ” See, I have become a successful person” only to find and realize that in actuality we are not proving the world how successful we have become but we’re making a fool of ourselves and affixing a tag of “BIGGEST LOSERS”.

Success brings what?


Yes, the focus of the battle of life is happiness which is the ultimate asset which we seek throughout the journey of life. And this means we should be full of this intangible but rare asset by the time when we get tired of this battle (and get retired) and left with no mental capability and physical stamina. This is the time we can only take a flashback journey of our life not lived the way we wanted or the way we should have lived.

The term success itself has lost its true meaning in today’s world. It seems that it has become a combination of Suck + Cess. The cobwebs of systems of our societies make our lives suck and we leave no stone unturned to make it further tax(cess).

We humans have got a unique power of rational thinking and logic. But we ignore this fact and always keep running for quick fixes for the problems of our life. We try to get inspiration in different ways. Like we read books, watch movies, listen to songs or attend the seminars of famous motivational speakers. But do you think that it helps to the extent you want? It may work for a fraction of people but we can’t generalize it. These all external sources no matter how impactful they are can only help you temporarily. Once you come out of the aura of that inspirational source, you find yourself the same again, left with no resource. But become some more frustrated and some more hopeless.

There is only one person in the world who can help you get inspired. To live the life you deserve and not what this society has preserved. Yes! Only One! And that is YOU. Yes, You can only do this for you but no one. You can do this by using your rational and logical mind and taking reference to the vast treasure of knowledge that had been accumulated by members of human species who used their rational and logical thinking. 

You have to process your thoughts and this treasure of knowledge.

You have to refine (them)

You don’t have to define (them)(because already defined)

Rather you have to redesign (them)(from your own perspective)

To make your life shine

We, humans, have a tendency to make things complex and difficult. But this is very easy. The only thing is that you have to give some quality time for it. Yes, It is as easy as it sounds. Only some quality time and you. You find some time with a peaceful mind and Go On A Date With Your Life.

It’s very pathetic and a matter of shame for the humankind that, 

We have found the addresses of many distant planets and stars including the moon, 

But never bothered to look for the address of our own life which can prove as the biggest boon.

Look at yourself!

Are you really happy from inside?

Think about it! Do you really like the way you are living?

Are you running the marathon of monotonous life because others are running too?

What do most humans do throughout their life? What does the human life cycle look like?

From the very start of baby steps, humans get installed with all the age-old theoretical and outdated plugins of pre-set rules and regulations of our society with all the ready-made dos and don’ts of human life. In this age of artificial intelligence, human intelligence has become endangered.

By the time we start acknowledging the power of rationale and logic, we are forced to equip with the means of livelihood to survive in the society.

Then we struggle amid all anxieties to make that livelihood give a sufficient return.

All along, life becomes a weary march packed with endless pain, sorrow, anxieties, disillusions, disappointments, fearfulness, vexations, frustrations, etc.

Ultimately life gets worn down in the endeavor of making it deary and turns into teary, DISSATISFACTION being the main theory. 

And lastly, we think about why we are living at all and what is life all about.

The nature of life is such that it sucks us throughout the period we exist and to the extent that we dislike seeing the true facts of life through our own perspective.

And it sucks fully till the sound of emptiness indicates that nothing is left behind.

So stop being a passive audience watching life go by

And just start telling life a big HELLO! and HI!

Shout at your lethargic self, a bad bye

If don’t wanna prove your existence a big lie

Thank you for the spark within you which led you to read this type of blog which shows that in this world where the superpower human race is fully busy(lost) in the rat race but you have a good grace

5 thoughts on “Changing the Way You Look at Your Life Will Change Your Life”

  1. Very true…..
    Today we have forgotten the true meanings of life. Just we are running after the money. By hook or by crook, we are just collecting the money. And for this we are ready to sacrifice our joy, happiness, morality and many more. we are not giving time to our family also.

    Really the word “SUCCESS” has lost its meaning and it has changed into “SUCK+CESS”.

  2. Long time supporter, and thought I’d drop a comment.

    Your wordpress site is very sleek – hope you don’t mind me asking what theme you’re using?
    (and don’t mind if I steal it? :P)

    I just launched my site –also built in wordpress like
    yours– but the theme slows (!) the site down quite a bit.

    In case you have a minute, you can find it by searching for “royal cbd” on Google (would appreciate any feedback) – it’s still in the works.

    Keep up the good work– and hope you all take care of yourself during the coronavirus scare!

    1. Hi Justin!
      Thanks for your valuable words and the precious time you spent on this site.
      I am glad that you liked this site. And, of course, there is no problem telling you the name of the theme I use for this site.

      I use the Astra theme from brainstorm force, one of the most widely used themes by WordPress users with over 700,000 active installations.
      And you can proudly steal it.

      I have checked your site “royal cbd” and it is very nice. Please feel free to ask about any special feature or design you want to use on your site which you liked about the theme I use. You can contact me at

      Thank you once again for the concern you showered in the last sentence.
      You too take care of this critical situation the whole world is fighting for.

  3. I don’t typically comment on posts, but as a long time
    reader I thought I’d drop in and wish you all the best during these troubling times.

    From all of us at Royal CBD, I hope you stay
    well with the COVID19 pandemic progressing at an alarming rate.

    Justin Hamilton
    Royal CBD

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