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–An Honest Talk

In this highly developed and technologically advanced world, the human race has proved its dominance in every nook and corner of this planet Earth. We are living the lives of comfort and all the worldly pleasures.

Though the trend is not uniform across the whole human population, but overall, the human civilization has got mastery in making life easy with all the amenities which once were thought to be mere dreams. Amid this picture-perfect scene a big and very important big question arises.

Why don’t we feel real happiness and satisfaction in our lives?

And no one can deny this real but pathetic picture which we ourselves have created despite of being the superpower species of the world.

One more realistic question.

What is the most important aspect of our life which we must focus on?

The answer is the “Life” itself. Nothing should be above it in our priority list.

But we are playing with this precious gift which is the “human life”

The irony is we are very well aware of the answers of these questions but most of us don’t bother about them and just act as passive audience watching life go by.

But a majority of people are restless at their condition and also try to find the solutions for bringing more meaningfulness in their lives.

This fact is also supported by online search for the keywords like

  • meaning of life
  • happiness
  • inspiration
  • motivation
  • success
  • purpose of life
  • and many others.

The search volumes for these keywords are found in hundreds of thousands per month.

And this is a good signal that a considerable human population is self-conscious or trying to be so. This can pave the path for inclusive and sustainable growth of this world which is not possible with the race of materialistic development we are running since morning and till we go to bed.

Undoubtedly, we are living in a fast-paced and never-stopping world and battling for commercializing every second of lives and churning down the equation of life which seems to be

Time x Money = Happiness

Please take a break from this bullet train journey of life and let’s take a dive into the world of imagination.

Just imagine yourself being seated on a distant heavenly body, (say it another planet or the moon itself) from where you can watch the full earth with an astronomical telescope in your hand. Just think what are all the images which get created in your imagination. Try to create a picture of our planet with all the inhabitants (particularly humans) with their day to day activities and their behavioural aspects.

And finally try to locate yourself (together with your family, friends and relatives) and think about the role you are playing. Where do you find yourself in this overcrowded world? What is your niche?

Trigger your unique rationale and bring out all the emotions pertaining to life. Ask yourself some bitter but truthful questions. Like.

Is your role worth playing the way it is being played?

Don’t you get angry at yourself to see how you let yourself to make your life worse and pathetic?

Now you can find your bitter reality with this little dose of fantasy. It seems that the real happiness has become a matter of fantasy itself.

And who doesn’t want a better life full of happiness. In the pursuit of making our lives better we are ready to apply any readymade problem-solving methods being sold in the commercial market of self-improvement, personal development and the likes.

It’s not difficult to find information in the form of books, articles, blog posts podcasts, videos. And there is no shortage of ideas as these are just a click away.

These ideas and their propagators are thought to be claiming for changing the lives of not hundreds, not thousands but millions of people around the world. So called life coaches and gurus are being declared number one by not only themselves but we are also accolading their screaming claim.

But the question is…

Where is that change? Why don’t we see that in our surroundings?

It’s not that people don’t get inspired or motivated to bring the change. They do. But there is a huge difference between the real change and the fantasy created in the world of information.

Gaining knowledge is not the problem at all but applying it in our lives is very much challenging.

Bringing meaningful changes in life is a hell of a lot harder than fantasizing about them.

The thing with motivational content nowadays is the fact that there is a boat load of them.

People are consuming loads of written, audio and video contents and for some of them it works as a drug to live in the world of fantasy of self-help.

In short, the main market of people who consume self-help contents aren’t people who actually want to improve; they want the fantasy of improvement, and “self-help” contents that sell that fantasy are what sell best.

This content world tends to showcase any problem very big and then come up with a ready-made solution which is claimed to be the only solution of that problem.

People do want to improve their lives but they are too much dependent on external sources in hope of changing their lives overnight. They also know that self-help gurus and their contents can help only when they are ready to help themselves.

Actually, people live the lives of constant escapism by keeping themselves hooked to inspirational videos and books. They are not ready to apply their mind and keep their goals and aspirations in the garden of fantasy land and nurture it with constant shower of procrastination.


What can be done?

Should we keep watching our precious lives go by?


Should we keep blaming our destiny, or other people for our unsatisfied and unhappy lives?

Nooooooo… a big NO.

No need to. If you are doing this, please stop now.

Because you believe it or not – you are sole responsible for your life.

And you have the right tools to live the life you desire because…

A self-help content may provide insights proving helpful

but you have to help it to help you

An inspirational book may change your perspective

but you are the only one who can make it effective.

Yes, only You.

You can only address the problems of your life. You have to give a talk to your life if you don’t want to make the self-improvement fantasy land your home forever.

In this world, full of material achievements, it feels like somewhere something is missing in our lives and if we will give a deep thought by stepping out of the picturesque illusion of life, we will find that our lives have become meaningless.

Rather we can say that we have lost the address of our life on the map of the world full of commercialisation. Every human has a unique address of life. If all of us will start finding our own, the world will be more beautiful home.

That’s why this site is named as “ADDRESS OF LIFE” and its tagline – It’s Time To Find Yours.

This site is about…

  • Uninstalling all the jargons from our mind which has been installed since our childhood,
  • Breaking the preconditioning of our thought processing and
  • Resigning from unsatisfied way of living…

so that we can redesign our life which no one can deny that it’s very precious and invaluable.

In short – it’s about finding the address of life which seem to be lost or not found yet by the human race.

This site is not aimed at providing some ready-made methods which can be applied to change your life but just triggering your rational thinking and bring it out from the long dormancy. Because it’s your rationale and logic which can act as the whole game changer.

It’s about cutting through all the screaming self-help content noise so that you avoid the scams and low-quality junk products and make yourself able to apply realistic and actionable advice available, which the world has to offer. But do remember – you only know what works for you.

You don’t have to start from the scratch. There are numerous quality self-help contents available from thought leaders and life coaches around the world and you should read them because it will give you different perspectives towards life. The only thing is you should not be fully dependent.

And here at Address of Life, the key to self-improvement is not being the passive consumer of knowledge but analysing it with logic and rationale and implementing the refined version of this knowledge from your own perspective for redesigning your life to live a fulfilling and satisfied life.

Here, the mission is to help you recognise the immense potential of your dormant or rarely used rational thinking which in turn make you embody that which you wish to become and align your attention with your intention to achieve the very purpose of your life and fulfil your dreams.

The founder of this blog is Dhritil Roy. He is a working professional. He has been a student who since his primary education emphasized on self-study. With the practice he became so efficient in self-study that he used to wonder why the students needed extra tuition or coaching classes as he was able to understand each and every concept by reading books only. 

This was the time when he started self-interrogation. He used to arise W-H questions related to his subjects. With the passage of time, soon he started self-questioning about life and its aspects. He used to spend time with himself strolling for hours and reflecting back at himself and analysing himself as well as the world.

Today also, he is the same person but with better understanding and wider perspective towards life and the world and keep improving himself. Though he weaved many stories and articles in his imagination and always wanted to put them in words but due to one or the other reason he couldn’t. Finally, he decided to give words to his thoughts and imaginations which he has been weaving since long. And this way he started this blog to share his words with the world.

This blog is fully based on logic and rationale. And if you don’t want to be in the fantasy land of self-help and want to redesign your life without looking for any ready-made solution but by using your own rationale. Then this blog may help you to help yourself.

If you really want to…

Bring meaningfulness in your life

Get rid of restlessness of your life

Find your own definition of happiness

Discover mindfulness in this commercial world

Clear the chaos to see beyond the wall of impossibility

Focus on what is important

Distinguish the music from noise

You believe it or not but while doing so you may end up inventing something new and miraculous gift which the world will be very thankful to you.

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